Why using invisible aligners with professional supervision is so important

using invisible aligners

Why using invisible aligners with professional supervision is so important

Invisible orthodontic treatments are proving to be an effective alternative to the bracket. Thanks to its comfort and ease of use, people prefer using invisible aligners instead of brackets. However, these still need the intervention of professionals to guarantee the success of the treatment.

Do you know the risks of using this type of orthodontics without supervision?

We tell you!

In recent years, a large number of brands of invisible aligners have emerged. They’re trying to differentiate themselves by promising to can be used directly by the client.

The risk of “do it yourself”

These types of brands assure you that sending images of your teeth, they can make you an aligner that they send directly to your home. But, is this reliable?
Not at all!

We made it clear from the beginning: using transparent aligners without professional supervision is a risk.

And weare not the only ones who say it! The Spanish Society of Orthodontics has pointed out that the use of invisible aligners without the supervision of a professional can be detrimental to health.

Using transparent aligners

To begin with, treatment planning and the choice of the most suitable device, are a very complicated process.
The truth is that professionals must assess numerous factors to ensure the safety and success of the treatment. For example, it is sometimes necessary to assess whether there may be an alteration in the tissues that fix the tooth to the bone or in the jaw and maxilla bones themselves.
For this reason, it’s essential a correct planning that takes into account all these aspects. Then, the orthodontist will choose the type of treatment depending on each case.

Orthodontics without supervision

There are many risks of trying to “self-treat” orthodontics, or go to sites with unskilled personnel.
Improper treatment can:

1-Cause problems in the opening and closing of the jaw
2- Altering the TMJ (temporomandibular joint)
3- Produce pain, dental injuries
4- Alter the supporting tissues of the tooth, periodontal ligament and bone and gums
5- Cause dental mobility, resorption of the tooth root and even loss of teeth

This is one of the reasons why these treatments cannot be performed at home.

First of all, when using invisible aligners, supervision will always be necessary. Thnks to this, the dentist will follow up the treatment and will see how it evolves.

In addition, in the hands of professional orthodontists, these risks are completely reduced.

The Geniova treatment

From Geniova, we are fully aware of the importance of always having good advice and all our treatments are carried out under the supervision of a team of highly specialized orthodontists.

Thus, the first thing we do is check if you are a potential candidate to use this type of orthodontics or not. To do this, you must go to one of the clinics accredited in Geniova. There, dentists will perform you diagnostic tests.

Then, and once verified that the treatment is viable, our experts will perform a virtual simulation of the movement of the teeth, in which you can know how your final smile will look.

Finally, the treatment will begin and you will improve your smile in record time thanks to Geniova.