What do people say about us?

“I chose Geniova for how easy it was to take it off and put it on… for me, it was important to wear orthodontics that I could take off whenever I felt like it. I’d recommend Geniova, hands down. It earned my trust, so I feel absolutely confident recommending it.”


“What surprised me most about the technique is the speed with which the teeth have been placed.”


“I didn’t like how my bottom teeth weren’t aligned, I didn’t feel comfortable… If I had to decide again, I would do it over with Geniova, without a doubt, because it worked really well, it was very fast, very comfortable, I liked it a lot, and the team of people who helped me was delightful.”


“I decided to come to Geniova because I had my teeth very far apart, and I wanted to improve my smile. Thanks to Geniova I got it”


“Geniova is a very comfortable and very aesthetic treatment, there are people who have not even noticed that I wear it.”


“The Geniova technique is very effective and very fast, I immediately noticed the changes, and not seeing anyone realizes that you wear dental aligner..”