Open bite: More than an aesthetic problem, it is a health problem

We define open bite when the patient cannot close the mouth completely because there is no contact between the teeth of the upper arch with those of the lower arch, creating a space between them.

This condition means a great problem for the patient, not only in terms of aesthetics and self-esteem, but also in terms of health. People who suffer from this condition may suffer: speech alterations, difficulty chewing, respiratory problems (sore throat or risk of obstructive sleep apnea). In addition to being able to cause disorders in the temporomandibular joint (problem affecting the joints and muscles of chewing)

  • Anterior: When there is no overlap between the opposing front teeth.
  • Posterior: When there is no space between the opposing posterior teeth.
  • Incomplete overbite: The lower front teeth do not touch the upper front teeth or the soft tissues inside the mouth.

The common cause, derives from bad childhood habits such as: thumb sucking, prolonged use of the pacifier, pushing the teeth with the tongue or breathing through the mouth instead of through the nose. However, a percentage of cases may also be the result of genetic problems.

It is recommended that the first visit to an orthodontist be during the child’s developmental phase, as this is the best stage for diagnosing and correcting the problem.