Geniova, the fastest invisible orthodontic technique in existence.

Geniova is a young Spanish, participated by the multinational Straumman Holding Group. We design, manufacture and commercialise an innovative orthodontic technique, fast and removable, with a world patent.


In the year 2015, we revolutionised the orthodontic world when we introduced our “caps” technology. A hybrid system that brings the best of brackets and aligners together.


It all came about as a response to patient demands: “We want an orthodontic treatment that doesn’t hurt, that you can’t see and that you only have to wear the least amount of time possible”

Today, our Spanish patent is being registered in over 150 countries, and is already granted in: USA, Canada, Peru, Chile, Australia, Japan, China, South Korea, etc.


At Geniova we are very  clear about our goal: work based on research to continue advancing even more in the effectiveness of our technique: remobility, invisibility and even shorter times in the duration of our treatments.

World Patent from Spain

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