The Fastest Invisible Orthodontic Technique

Geniova, The Fast Aligner is a technique designed to resolve all kinds of class 1 and class 2 tooth crowding and malocclusions. The combination of removable caps with small, aesthetic fixed attachments placed on the third cervical, provides for fast and controlled tooth alignment. This technique provides for approximately double predictability effectiveness with tooth movement, as opposed to conventional aligners.


Geniova has 4 sectioned caps:

Geniova has sectioned caps, made by virtual 3D-designed brackets, joined by a titanium nickel arch, with a hollow to place attachments on certain teeth.

Biomechanics of the Arch and Bracket

The arch’s potential and the bracket’s three-dimensional control provide for movements of up to 1.25 mm per month.

fabricacion tecnica geniova



It is recommended to use this device for an average of 16 hours per day, and you can spend up to 2.5 hours in a row without putting it on.

Tecnica Geniova


Depending on movement planning for reach case, Geniova may be chosen with an inside arch (lingual) or an outside arch (labial).
labial technique



End results in 6-9 months*, up to 1.25 mm per month.


It can be removed at any time of day, using it for at least 16 h per day.


Transparent and practically invisible design.


The gentle, light and ongoing force quickly moves teeth while lessening pain.


This is compatible with other dental treatments: implants, cavities, crowns, bridges, etc.

3D Planning

You can see the end result before beginning treatment and control progress at each check-up.


Since you can take it off whenever you want, you can eat without it and keep your dental hygiene routine.


The bracket system's 3D virtualisation provides the proven efficacy of the system, meeting the objectives set by the determined deadlines.

*Average duration of the revolutionary Geniova orthodontic treatment. Data taken from a study conducted by Geniova Technologies.

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