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Enjoy your smile in the shortest possible time.
More efficient
Discover the most advanced engineering with worldwide patents.
More invisible
Because there is nothing more transparent than what cannot be seen.
The fastest invisible orthodontics available.
We don`t move
We fly
Why is it so fast?
We combine the power of the NiTi Arch with the invisibility of the Splint
Using both technologies, we have created a new kind of orthodontics that unites the best of two worlds. 3D designed and custom manufactured 100% in Spain.
Because your smile deserves the best.
It`s 100% invisible and nobody will notice but your smile will carry the most advanced technology.Patented worldwide by Spanish company.
Generates movement
The thickness of this memory archwire determines the power and is chosen according to the degree of crowding and the periodontal status of the patient.
Transmits motion
The cap can be sectioned individually by teeth or groups, allowing full control of movement by sectors and differential anchorage.
Directs the movement
Designed in 3D and stamped directly on the cap, it is in charge of flexing the NiTi archwire to generate the movement in the direction marked by the orthodontist.
Attach the cap to the tooth
Its function is to ensure the three-dimensional control of the tooth, which is indispensable especially in cases where the cap is subjected to greater stress.
Protects the arch
To protect the NiTi arch and ensure comfort at all times, its termination is fully integrated and embedded in the cap.
Smiling was never been so easy
Fast invisible orthodontics GENIOVA
The most innovative Invisible orthodontics deserved a case like this
More comfortable
Maximum adjustment to the shape of the alienators, with clip cap and rounded corners.
More hygienic
With drainage perforation so you can wash and keep your aligners clean at all times.
More light
Made of 2 micron thick PVC material, lightweight, shock resistant and with magnet closure.
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