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Faster. More effective.
Geniova is 2 times faster than conventional invisible orthodontics with a worldwide Spanish patent and present in more than 150 countries. A milestone we are very proud of and want to share with you.
Advantages for you? Faster results, shorter treatments.
More faster Its NiTi arch, invisible and encapsulated, allows to have a power never seen before in invisible orthodontics.
More effective The virtual bracket stamped on the cap allows for unprecedented effectiveness, at the level of a bracket.
More invisible The lingual arch is on the inside. But that`s not all. The polymer composition of our splints and caps is one of the most advanced on the market, and also one of the most transparent.
Our innovative orthodontics deserved a case like this one
Comparison between orthodontics
Accelerators GENIOVA
4mm > 4 months
Conventional aligners
4mm > 8 months
LESS TIME, LESS ALIGNERS. *Data extracted from study published Dental Gazette 05/2016 to evaluate the effectiveness of predictability of dental movements with the use of a new system of aligners in the anterior-posterior and vertical plane.

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Types of treatments To solve any type of malocclusion, we have three levels according to the complexity of each case.
very mild cases of recurrence
Geniova`s innovative development has earned her awards such as the Top10 MedTech Outlook.
All Geniova processes exceed the quality protocols required by the standard ISO 13485.
Each Geniova is custom-designed and manufactured at Spain.
Your clinic The orthodontic treatments of GENIOVA can only be performed in a dental clinic by a doctor trained in the technique. He/she will be able to make a complete evaluation of your oral and dental health and define with you the objectives of your treatment. Supervision is necessary at all times to guarantee the results and the good evolution of the treatment. Please consult with your trusted clinic, and if you need it, we can provide you with the contacts of accredited doctors at GENIOVA in the area where you tell us. Find clinic
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