Why Geniova?
It is the fastest & most effective invisible orthodontic with the greatest biomechanical potential.
It is patented by a Spanish company worldwide in more than 150 countries.
100% manufactured and designed in Spain
What if we brought together the best of two technologies?

NiTi Arch & Virtual Bracket


Invisible Splint



Geniova moves 1mm per month vs. 0.51 of the conventional invisible one


Geniova has 94% predictability vs. 41% of conventional invisibility


Its palatal arch and crystal clear plastic make it imperceptible
Virtual Bracket
NiTi`s Arch
Crystal clear plastic
Technology comparison
Fixed brackets
Conventional Invisible
Fixed brackets
Conventional Invisible
Fixed brackets
Conventional Invisible
Fixed brackets
Conventional Invisible
Fixed brackets
Conventional Invisible
Training in the Geniova technique See academic formation
Geniova`s innovative development has earned her awards such as the Top10 MedTech Outlook.
All Geniova processes exceed the quality protocols required by the standard ISO 13485.
Each Geniova is custom-designed and manufactured at Spain.
Types of treatments
Minor Cases
  • Studio and set-up included
  • Up to 1 accelerator
  • Up to 24 splints
Moderate Cases
  • Studio and set-up included
  • Up to 2 accelerator
  • Up to 42 splints
Severe Cases
  • Studio and set-up included
  • Unlimited accelerators - 2 years
  • Unlimited splints - 2 years
Phases treatments Our orthodontic treatments solve almost any type of malocclusion and are divided into two phases: The first, with our exclusive accelerator. World patented hybrid technology.
The second, with splints. Our effective aligners with exclusive super-optimized attachments.

Phase 1: Accelerator

Our exclusive technology allows movements that are much more difficult for the splints. The NiTi round arch allows us to shape the arcade like no other invisible system.
  • Arch expansion
  • Protusion and translation
  • Space openings and closings
  • Root movements
  • More effective and faster movements

Phase 2: Splint

The splinting systemwe manufacture is one of the most advanced in the industry. With a predictability and efficiency in meeting objectives well above average.
  • Tip
  • Rotation
  • Torque
We finish the cases without the need for eternal refinements.
Just Geniova offers you
Orthodontic support All your treatments are planned and supervised by orthodontists.
Exclusive service Offer your patients a unique experience thanks to technology that no one else has.
Program Star Discover our discount program and exclusive services.

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