At work, smile, please

At work, smile, please

At work, smile, please.

We spend many hours together with our co-workers, sharing problems, emotions, stressful situations, work triumphs. I’m sure you’ve met this typical colleague who spends the day with a frown, with a negative attitude at all times and, of course, without ever smiling. Obviously, in any work environment there are adverse situations that are a source of concern for employees, but spending the bitter day is not going to solve things and can even make them worse.

At Geniova we are experts in creating beautiful dentures and we know their power, that’s why we are sure when we tell you: at work, smile, please!

Greater productivity:
It has been shown that smiling helps to combat stress and negative thoughts and, consequently, to increase your productivity at work.

It conveys confidence:
If you go to a job interview, smile. Your interviewer will see you as a person who can work very well in a team.

Relax muscle tension:
Every time we smile, 400 muscles are activated in our body. Experts consider that smiling 100 times is equivalent to ten minutes of exercise.

Increase your optimism:
If you’re happy, you feel better, your self-confidence grows and you feel more motivated to take on new projects.

Improve the work environment:

Laughing employees generate “good vibes” and contribute to an improved work environment.

You’ll get more attention:
People accept other people’s ideas better if they are accompanied by a smile. Try it at work when you expose your projects.

If you’re a boss, smile too:
A study by the U.S. Navy concluded that the most effective units were those commanded not by the toughest, loudest officers, but by the most outgoing, sociable, and smiling.

Don’t be a ball, smile at everyone:
Generally, we tend to smile more when we talk to our superiors than when we talk to a colleague. This is a mistake. Smile at your colleagues and subordinates and you will see how your work environment becomes a more pleasant place for everyone.

Of course, there are moments when smiling can generate “bad vibrations”: when you talk about a dismissal, a pay cut, a family problem. In those cases, it is better to maintain a neutral attitude that does not give rise to misinterpretations. But in general, he smiles. When you arrive at the office, when you ask for a favor, when you talk to your boss or your employees, or when you face a long day at work… You will feel more energetic, make life easier for your colleagues and increase your performance.

We remind you that at Geniova we can help you achieve a perfect smile. In a very short time and at a really competitive price.

And we love our work!