Geniova Orthodontic Technique



Until now, only two technologies were available: fixed brackets and removable aligners. Geniova has innovated with a world patent that brings the best of both techniques together:

The power and efficacy of brackets, and the removability and invisibility of the aligner. 


 Get the perfect smile in just 6 to 9 months!*


For the first time, you can stop being a prisoner to your orthodontic treatment.

Geniova is practically invisible, and you can take it off whenever and wherever you want, without extending the treatment’s duration.

How many hours in a row can Geniova be removed?

As needed, you can take it off as many times as you want for a maximum of 2.5 hours at a time per day.


How many hours per day should Geniova be worn?

You should wear it at least 16 hours per day to keep from increasing treatment time.





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