10 celebrity smiles that are not a matter of nature!

10 celebrity smiles that are not a matter of nature!

10 celebrity smiles that are not a matter of nature!

They are the heroes and heroines of cinema and music. Capable of starring in the most exciting action movies and the funniest comedies… but always sporting a bright, immaculate smile. But do you really think they were all born with those perfect mouths? Would you like to know how much celebrities have spent on getting a smile 10?

Here is a list of the 10 celebrities who have spent the most on their teeth.

Hilary Duff.
The singer and former Disney girl underwent her first dental treatment in 2005, but she went over the size of her teeth (more or less that of her colleague Goofy) and in 2008 she had to undergo a new treatment to readjust her new denture to the size of her face.

Julia Roberts.
The so-called “America’s bride” was born with a beautiful smile, which does not detract from the fact that she has improved even more with the use of plates that have straightened her teeth.

Zac Efron.
She has eliminated the gap between her upper front teeth and has whitened her teeth to make it more Hollywood. In total, the joke came out for $10,000.

Kate Beckinsale.
The protagonist of “Pearl Harbour” has come out of the dental closet, openly acknowledging that she has spent a pastry at the dentist to achieve her wonderful smile. Her teeth have been straightened, realigned and whitened. They’ve even reconstructed her gums to make her teeth look more visible.

Demi Moore.
The American star has spent $12,000 on laser whitening and other dental treatments. She never had a bad smile, but she wanted to be the most.

 Ben Affleck.
This nice, smiling actor had pretty bad teeth, so he’s worn porcelain veneers and special crowns. They have also been whitened. In total, $20,000, a trifle.

Tom Cruise.
Until he was 30, his teeth were anything but pretty. So he decided to align them and whiten them, and he spent 30,000 dollars for it.

Cheryl Cole.
When she was not yet famous, this beautiful British singer had misplaced and pointed teeth (come on, she was a vampire). Since then, her teeth have been whitened, alienated and fixed. In total, 10,000 fleece booklets.

George Clooney.
The world’s most coffee-bearing man has spent $30,000 to get his wonderfully gallant smile. Of course, everyone knows that coffee is terrible for teeth, even if it is espresso.

Victoria Beckham.
David Beckham’s spicy ex-girl and happy wife has spent $40,000 on dental treatments to improve her smile….a smile we seldom see.


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