What is it and what is your Geniova for?

What is it and what is your Geniova for?

What is it and what is your Geniova for?

If you are reading this page it is because you are interested in having a beautiful and healthy smile or because, thanks to Geniova, you have been enjoying one for some time now. Geniova, The Fast Aligner, is an innovative orthodontics that unites the best of the braces, their power, and the best of the splints, their removability. Since Geniova Technologies launched its orthodontic system, hundreds of people have changed their way of seeing life, of relating, of laughing and smiling. Now they face mirrors and cameras with the certainty that they will have a happy and aesthetic smile. But how was that change possible in only 6 or 8 months? How did you go from having crowded teeth to a cinematic smile? How does Geniova work?

Geniova, The Fast Aligner, consists of several parts:

  • Copings: individualized and custom-made splints for each tooth. This is possible thanks to the 3D technology, which allows them to adjust as much as possible to the shape of the teeth, so that they do not cause discomfort.
  • Virtual Bracket: this is the custom bracket body designed in 3D. It consists of two parts at the same time: the Ramp, which allows you to adjust the elastic ligature, and the Rectangular Section, which contains the slot through which passes the nickel-titanium arch. Being designed virtually and in 3 D, it fits better to the patient’s mouth and optimizes the changes that occur over time in the arch.
  • Nickel-titanium arch: This is a 0.14″ or 0.16″ round arch that can be either aesthetic or metallic. Its thickness and the materials of which it is made increase its flexibility, which translates into more tooth movement and a shorter treatment time.
  • Ligatures: serve to provide stability to the copings. They are elastic and transparent, which makes them practically invisible.
  • Ataches: These are small composite attachments that are attached to certain teeth to increase the stability of the copings and facilitate some more complicated movements.
    The interaction of all these elements manages to modify the position of the teeth and align them in an aesthetic and natural way. Let’s look at an example.

It was a 36 year old person who had crowded teeth in the front of the mouth. The treatment, which lasted 7 months, aimed to align and level his front teeth. Four Geniova appliances were used, each for 6 weeks, which produced a tooth movement of 8.61 mm. Each appliance was digitally designed in 3D to predict to the millimeter the movements of each tooth.

A study carried out by Geniova has demonstrated an effectiveness of 94% in the predictability of dental movements, the speed of these movements being higher than that of any invisible alignment system. In the case of this patient, several attachments were placed to reinforce the stability of the copings in certain teeth and ensure the effectiveness of the alienation process. The result? A beautiful and well-aligned denture in only 7 months.

And now that you know how Geniova works, would you like to try one of its treatments? Search the web for your nearest dental office and come and find out – you’re sure to get out of there with a smile!

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