It does not matter how much experience you have as long as you are an accredited Geniova doctor. You will always receive all the support from our team with no cost. Our customer service help desk can be reach at +34 910851716 or by email at to solve any doubt you might have

All we need is intraoral pictures in closed bite with both lateral views, frontal view and occlusal upper and lower, with marked contact points. In addition, a panoramic X-Ray and our complimented prescription form.

Normally you don’t need to send impressions for a case evaluation, unless our medical team requires them for a better treatment planning.


Once the case is approved you will need to send the impressions of the patient.

Impressions should reproduce adequately the anatomy of each tooth. These impressions will be of VPS or in a digital format. Since Geniova can handle any IO scanner as it’s in an STL open format.

The doctor will have to take impressions in the beginning of each phase.

Yes, before starting the treatment, Geniova will send you a virtual 3D set up with the planning of the dental movements that will be performed during the treatment following its initial prescription.

Geniova should be used between 16-18 hours a day. We do not recommend being more than 2-3 hours in a row without the device in the mouth.

They are Niti arches with 0.014”, 0.016” or 0.018” metallic or aesthetics.

Geniova debe quedar estable, cubriendo la corona clínica de todos los dientes, de tal manera que las cofias queden ajustadas a nivel de los bordes incisales y caras oclusales.

Geniova incorporates in its design the necessary templates for the placement of attachments in the cervical third of those teeth in which are needed. We will begin by etching the dental surface with 37% orthophosphoric acid for 30 seconds. The teeth are then washed and dried by suctioning the excess gel.

Next, we will place the adhesive and carry out the polymerization process with light. We will fill with the composite the inside of the insole and once inserted in the mouth we will exert a slight pressure of the coping towards the vestibular face and incisal edge of the tooth in which we have to place the attache and we will return to polymerize with light. To finish the process, we will remove the excesses of composite that may have remained.

It is advisable to use a solid composite of a similar color of the patient’s teeth.

No, only in those teeth in which it is necessary to improve the retention of the caps.

In general, release of contact points from canine to contralateral canine should always be performed following the recommendations of the indications sheet sent with the device. It is important that on all visits, it is verified that the contact points are still released.

The approximate duration of a Geniova treatment is 6 to 15 months. This difference is due to the level of complexity and evolution of each case.

They are splints that are used in the last phase of treatment and incorporate information of dental movement in order to achieve the desired alignment.

No, the process of ligating the arch and placing the distal stop is done in Geniova so that when you receive the devices the arch is already inserted.

The selection of coping groups is performed in Geniova according to the objectives of each treatment phase.

The viability study of the cases will be done free of charge and without any commitment from the doctor.