You must remove the device to eat and drink. However, there is no limitation of the types of foods or meals unless your doctor specifically suggests it.

No you must not chew gum with Geniova. You should remove it, otherwise it may get stuck to the device and damage it.

During the first few days of the begging of each phase you might notice a slight pressure. However, after a few days it will disappear.

Yes, you will speak clearly. You just might need a slight period of adaptation at the beginning of the treatment since you have something new in your mouth.

It is not recommended, since the material can dye and affect the aesthetics of the device.

In the case you lose or you damage the device, you should contact your doctor immediately.  He will contact us and in a few days you should have a new one.

In some cases, attachments are placed to gain retention in the caps.

In this case, you should immediately inform your dentist.

It is not recommended to take hot drinks because it can deform the material.

If you have any doubts after reading this, please ask your doctor.

Warning: In some rare occasions patients display allergic reactions to some of the Geniova components. Also if the device or some of its components break, there is a risk that the patient might swallow it accidently. If any of the previous cases occur stop immediately the use of Geniova and see your doctor.